gordonmessmer (gordonmessmer) wrote,

Dell customer support

Earlier this year I sold my IBM X40 (of which I was very fond) and upgraded to a Dell Latitude E6400. It's a very nice laptop, though significantly heavier than the X40 was. I wanted something with hardware virtualization support, a lot of RAM (this one goes to 8GiB!), and Gig-E.

I've been quite happy with it, but recently I've noticed that the battery isn't holding a charge properly. After about a minute off of AC, the charge indicator drops to 80%. I contacted Dell support about the issue late Wednesday, and they suggested that I update the BIOS. I didn't get back to them on Thursday, and left town early Friday. They called to follow up on Friday, Sunday, and Monday just as I was getting ready to call them back. After I updated them on my results, they're shipping me a new battery.

I'm really happy with their follow up and the ease of getting a new part to resolve my issue.
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